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Mexican Bus Ride

Updated: Jul 21

After spending the past couple of months having the local buses rumble down the street, spewing their exhaust at us and screeching their brakes so loudly it that it makes our ears want to bleed, we never-ever thought we'd take a bus anywhere, anytime. But we became intrigued when we were walking by Paseo 60 one day and noticed a shiny new ADO bus pulling into the small station there.

We went home and did some recon (translation: Googled traveling by ADO) and saw nothing but glowing reviews. We decided, “What the heck! Let’s give it a try when we go to Vallodolid next week.”

We attempted to buy our online tickets through their website, but found it very confusing. It showed that there was no service in/out of Merida and we knew that couldn’t be right.

We gave up the virtual approach and decided to go in person. We walked back to the small station and spoke with a representative. He told us that at that particular location there is only twice-daily service to/from Cancun. We needed to go to the Centro station to catch a Vallodolid bus. The good news was that he could sell us the ticket, saving us from having to walk to the other station.

Our two round-trip tickets cost us about $40 total. Our fare even allowed us to pick out and reserve our seats. That was music to our ears. We weren’t going to have to fight and push our way onboard - - - although I'm not above throwing an elbow or two if needed. (Hey, I’m little, but I’m scrappy!)

On the day of our trip we arrived at the Centro station about 30 minutes before our scheduled departure. The facility was absolutely beautiful. It was clean and shiny and bright. In addition to the ticket counters, there was a large waiting area with electronic signs showing the upcoming arrivals and departures. They even had two shops where you could purchase snacks as well as a luggage storage area.

When our bus arrived we were happy to see that it was as clean and shiny and bright as the station. In fact, the bright red coach gave me a brief flashback to when we took the Italo train that was designed by Ferrari from Milan to Florence a few years ago.

When it was time to leave, we saw that you had a choice of loading any large pieces of luggage in the cargo area, or you could place smaller bags onboard above your seat. Speaking of seats, they were large and comfy, had footrests, and reclined quite a ways back. They were much better than airline seats IMHO. They also had plastic dividers between each set which was especially nice during these pandemic times.

While we can’t say too much for the movie that was shown, we will give them props for trying. It didn’t really matter anyway because the bus had wi-fi and power plugs, so we were able to use our own devices for entertainment. Plus, we also had fun pulling back the shades and simply gazing out the window.

One final item that we will note is that the air conditioning was kept at about 68 degrees the entire trip. This was especially nice on a hot Yucatecan day. (True confession: I did have to get out my scarf and wrap it around me because I got a little chilly towards the end of the trip, but hey, I’d rather be cold than hot.)

All in all, count us in as ADO SUPER FANS!!!!

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