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Traveling During COVID-19

Updated: Jan 26

Masking Up!

Although we have been traveling during the pandemic, Russell and I are being careful to take as many health precautions as we can.

For example, at a minimum, whenever we leave the house we double-mask. This means when we are out in public going into a store or walking along a street, we are wearing a batik face and nose covering with a blue medical-grade mask inserted inside it. We also stay away, FAR AWAY, from anyone we see who is not wearing a mask, or who is wearing one incorrectly (I'm talking to you Mr. Mask-Under-The-Nose Guy).

When we are in an airplane or a taxi, we go even further and triple-mask, meaning we wear a KN95 mask topped off with our normal double-layer of batik/blue medical. To answer the questions you're thinking right about now......"HECK YEAH," all these layers hurt our ears and "YOU BET," they make it hard to breathe, but that's kind of the point, isn't it?

To top it all off, we always carry a personal hand sanitizer and packet of sanitary wipes in our pockets. Yes, we are aware we look silly, but so far (fingers crossed) our strategy has been successful and we haven't gotten sick.

Here's hoping we will be able to get a vaccine soon!

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