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From Homeowners to Homeless....

Updated: Jan 26

Selling everything and traveling abroad

We get asked a lot about our decision to sell our home and live like nomads. Some people are intrigued, while others think we are flat-out crazy.

As much as we would like to say our process was fast and painless, like ripping off a band-aid, the truth is that it really took us several years. In fact, looking back at things, we can see that there were four distinct stages that we went through.


An adventure awaits! Dreaming was a honeymoon period where everything was wonderful and exciting. We were going to go off and live an exciting and fabulous new life. Basically, “And they lived happily ever” was our theme. In actuality, we were probably in this stage for about two or three years, alternately thinking, “Let’s do it now” with “Let’s wait just one more year.”


The COVID-19 pandemic helped us decide that 2020 was our go-time. This meant that we needed to sell the house. We needed to sell our cars. We needed to sell everything!!! We spent most of the spring and summer going through our attic and closets. We combed through old photos, childhood memorabilia, and a lot of outdated clothing, that quite frankly, made us question some of our earlier style choices.


As we culled down our possessions, reality hit us. We began to fully grasp that we would no longer be living in the same town as our children and parents, not to mention our friends and neighbors. We had to dispose of some our sentimental keepsakes simply because we didn’t have enough room for them in our little storage unit. It was at this point that we realized that “home” was no longer going to be “home” any more. We were sad, but we were resolute in our decision.


Pure happiness best describes how we felt as we squeezed all our belongings into two suitcases and a backpack. (Ok, maybe there was an extra bag in there, but it still wasn’t a lot of stuff.) We were so exhilarated and excited as we boarded the plane for Merida, Mexico, the first stop of our new adventure. We didn't know exactly where we would be in the next year, or even in the next six months.....and it was intoxicating.

Since we downsized our life, we haven’t looked back. We still work remotely in our "day jobs" most Mondays-Fridays. But, more importantly, we spend a great deal of time just enjoying where we are at the moment, and planning for our next destination.

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